Top 5 Online Football Gaming Sites to Attract Players

If you are fond of sports events, football is definitely the most favorite game of many of you. As people are crazy about the national and international football leagues and world cup, getting online football games will always entertain them a lot. There are lots of sites where you can play online football games at free of cost. To help you to find the best sites, we are listing down few so that you can get the right site and make your leisure active:


  • Hat trick– It is an analytical football game where you can find numerous options to choose. Here, you need to pick a player of any name and you need to build his career. Your performance in the game is the only way to make the player become popular. Playing football is not only criteria of this game, but you also get chance to manage your team and plan hang outs after a tough match.
  • Madden Mobile NFL  is a Sports Interactive game that we’re skewed to finish all levels. Mobile is an online game that can be downloaded after the Play Store and iOS. Madden mobile hack will help you win the match with a better score.
  • Football Heads: Euro 2016– If you are looking for an exciting and funny football game, this is the best thing can happen to you. For every match, you can choose one player. This game is played in a tournament format where you need to select a team which can participate at the Euro 2016 in France. This is not only a game for your pastime, but kids can also learn football from this game.


  • Soccer Balls– It is an exciting football game where you need to pick your team from domestic as well as international sides. As many goals you can hit against your opponent you go to the next level. To increase interest in kids on football, this game is appropriate for them. Playing computer football games will increase your skills in playing the game.


  • Crossing Cup– If you want to enjoy the international level of football games, this is the best game you can play. Try your luck on international teams and players. You can enjoy the game with international star players like Ronaldo or Postiga. Isn’t it interesting? Attack and counter-attack- these are the basic tricks of playing this online game.


  • Goalkeeper Premier– Though addiction is not good of anything, this game can really keep you glued with your computer or laptop. In this game, you just need to put on the goalkeeper’s glove and save the goals from the oppositions’ attacks. Another interesting feature of this game is that you can choose the star English teams, like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and so on. You don’t even need to provide a username and no other personal details while playing this game.

These are the top five online football games you can play anytime. To make your leisure exciting, these games are enough. But, you must not get addicted to the games. Kids or teenagers have studies and lots of other tasks to do. Don’t waste time always playing these games. Also they should be play outdoor games like real football to brush up their skills in reality.

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How to extend your battery life to 2016 devices

Battery Life of 2016 smartphones.

Mobile progresses from year to year, but the batteries have little autonomy and still suffers. There are a few tricks that can help you more autonomy increasing battery life.

Battery Life
“A smartphone with top specifications and large screen should be charged daily, which increases the number of cycles of charging and discharging of a battery life. This, along with very intense use, autonomy leads to very low compared to ordinary phones, ”

That makes Li-Ion batteries, used by most mobile devices on the market, have a lifetime of several years, but after the first year autonomy greatly decreases. But if some simple rules are followed, such as hardware and software, their performance will decline faster time.

Take care of hardware and you will enjoy more than software

Issues such as hardware related primarily to the battery charging cycles. It must be fully charged before being discharged and be disconnected from the load before reaching a level of 100% charge. The phone also should not be left in a car or other enclosed places where it is very hot. In this connection, it is recommended that when not in use, the battery is kept in a place as cool to be charged around 40%.

Regarding optimization software, users should stop running applications in the background, not to use active wallpapers, disable Bluetooth features, GPS, WiFi, NFC and mobile data and synchronization accounts. Another suggestion is to set the minimum screen brightness and duration from entering standby.

Users can take into account dedicated battery optimization applications such as Clean Master Phone Boost. It can be used to delete temporary files and browsing history. The application also allows management applications to move them to the microSD card, uninstalling apps (if not protected by the system) and making backups of important files. The app also serves as antivirus.

Other useful applications are DU Battery Saver, which can extend battery life by up to 50%, and Battery Doctor, available in 19 languages, identifying the applications and processes that deplete battery and optimizes the charging process, for it to as effective.

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