How to test a used car before buying?

Before buying a used car, it is important that future owner to verify by various methods. Beyond what the seller says that certainly will present especially the good and purposely omitted them on the disadvantageous buyer must make his own mind he.


How to test a used car before buying?

  1. What is the state of suspension?

The buyer can test your car’s suspension on a road more difficult, such as one paved. Unlike when traffic is normally this time not all pits can be avoided, so that the buyer to see how the car behaves.

  1. How to behave engine?

To check the engine, the buyer can try a sudden acceleration, so to see the reaction of the car in traffic. If it will be necessary at a time overtaking fast, how well the car will react? When the air conditioning is used, how much it is influenced thruster capacity?

  1. What signs give the exhaust system?

After starting the engine, the exhaust system can be checked. If white smoke is removed, then there is no problem, but if it is blue and white, is a sign that the oil is burned, and if the smoke is black, then it is a high consumption. And any noise can be a signal that something is wrong.

  1. How to behave in various situations road car?

Used car should be tested on various types of roads. Basically, after the purchase, the driver will use the car anywhere, so it is important to check it on the road with many curves, slopes or on country roads. It also has seen the reaction of the car when cornering sudden, short or long turns to test the safety and stability of the car.

  1. How good are the brakes?

The brakes can be rescuer basic element in a key moment. It is therefore important that the future owner will pay special attention to them. When the brake is placed, how fast the car stops? After stops how many meters? If the car is 50 km / h and put brake instant, it needs to maintain its direction. If nothing happens, it means that there are problems.

  1. Are noises?

Being a used car, there may be various problems that the owner will hide, but which can be identified by the driver when a test. If you hear some beats repeated irregularities means that the joints are. If wheels squeak strong metal friction noises, vibrations or balance of the car feels, means that there are faults in the braking system or wheel geometry is not done properly.



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