Traffic monitoring

Most mobile voice subscriptions with included internet have rates high enough to overcome the mobile internet traffic included. To avoid a few hundred euro bills solution is setting a mobile traffic usage limits.


Some phones allow you to do their setup menu, such as for example the most recent versions of the Android operating system (Menu – More settings – Use – Set alert / limit traffic). For other smartphones solution comes to internet traffic monitoring applications such as those below:


  1. Onavo Count – allows you to set alerts and limits traffic, keep your consumption history for the last 30 days and shows how much you consumed each application.


  1. Track phone is another free application monitoring data, as popular. It allows you to set limits and alerts and detailing your consumption per application.
  2. 3G WatchDog available for free, just for Android here. The recommendation is that in case of a subscription with 500 MB traffic alert to be set somewhere around 450 MB and 490 MB maximum limit. Your telecom operator can use to rounding kb different from the above applications. In addition, some telephone operators send SMS customers when their traffic Internet to an end, but if the session traffic is in progress when is overcoming traffic is very possible that SMS information to get just after you close mobile data menu, that very likely when you have already registered surcharge. You can use the internet traffic monitoring applications when your kid is stubborn to overcome traffic or simply make a mistake. It is important to not realize where you put restriction, otherwise modify parameters limiting the application and your effort will be in vain.

Nowadays, more and more people use the solution to pay Internet bandwidth they consume in order to make savings. Programs designed to monitor bandwidth are becoming increasingly popular. I selected some designed to help you effectively manage time spent online. The use of computers at work requires oversight by system administrators to how employees use work time when online. Our collection includes the 10 best ways to monitor online activity of their employees quickly and efficiently.

My Data Manager relies on a simplified interface, dedicated to those who prefer the more intuitive display of how statistics on data consumption. In terms of the options available, but the application does not leaned outdone, since you can set alerts and see how each application consumes both 3G and Wi-Fi. Additionally, the application provides widgets on the homescreen so that you can know in real time how much traffic you consume data without directly access the application.

Not few are looking for an app to tell them and how many minutes and SMS consumes the tariff plan, not to seek the services of operators. Dodola Phone is one such application, where you can set the number of minutes and SMSes included in the subscription or extra-card, in addition to data plane traffic.

The only potential problem is that the application does not give you detailed statistics on traffic data, the only options really useful is the use of a widget or notification bar to check real-time traffic.


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